Hi, I’m Sue!  I created The Curiosity Project and wrote "That's a Really Good Question" because I believe curiosity helps us build amazing relationships from which we can create amazing lives.

I am a leadership coachwriterspeaker, entrepreneur, educator, and learning junkie. I work with leaders from all walks of life who wish to design their ideal lives and teams while connecting with their most authentic selves.  I’ve been called a “renaissance woman”, a nomad, and I’m all about being real.  I’ve learned how to be comfortable being myself, which makes me more creative and happier.  I wish that for all of my clients, a life designed in alignment with how we are wired.

I am passionate, adventurous, spontaneous, and have made it a mission to get as much out of life as possible. I’ve lived in many parts of Canada, as well as Mexico and Ecuador. I love to climb and ski and surf, and ride, and also to read and have quiet conversations. Getting outside, spending time with people, talking about or doing things that I care about.  I also always save time to play with my dogs, who are a constant reminder not to take life too seriously and who have many lessons to teach me.

Everything that we do has an impact on something or someone else, and understanding my impact helps me make choices that allow me to live in alignment with my values.

I have a B.Ed and I trained with the Coaches Training Institute (CPCC) and have completed the Co-Active Leadership program. I am also a contributor on the Huffington Post Blog.

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Photo by Ben Clarke